Field Season 2017

Welcome aboard everyone! I hope you enjoy the next 2 months of post here and on Twitter ( handle is @VAN_DLL ). If you are already following, you know I am a field biologist, if you just started following, now you know. I recently​ started a Ph.D. at UMass, and now am heading off again into the wilds to start my latest field season. I hope I can share some of this world’s natural beauty with you and share my sense of wonder if things we encounter along the way.

This year I am heading off to the Scottish Highlands to study the majestic water vole. What is a water vole? I will tell you all about it in the posts to come, but needless to say it is an aquatic rodent. Think muskrat but smaller and cuter. What’s a muskrat? You are on your own there! 

Although they can be a pest in some parts of Europe, the water vole is threatened in the UK.  I will be telling you its story along side the story of the field work too.  

There’s nothing like the field. Which is what I keep telling myself.  As a 6’5″ person made mostly of legs, the upcoming overnight flight to Heathrow is a daunting and tight situation (for my knees at least). I know it’s going to be worth it, the field always is.

See you on the other side of the pond!


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