Presentations and awards!

I recently did my first podium presentation at the 48th Annual AZ/NM JAM in Las Cruces, NM.  This is a regional meeting of The Wildlife Society.  I presented a talk about connectivity in the Sonoran Desert based on wildlife movement capabilities.  It was titled:

Connectivity and Isolation in the Management of Aquatic Resources in the Sonoran Desert: Nested Frameworks for Maintaining Biodiversity

It seemed to be well received and I enjoyed the experience.  Not only are these conferences important for scientific discussion and discourse, but they are a fun time and a good way to get to know people.  It is also a good time to show off a little.  There are photo contests at many of these.  I managed to snag an award for the Human Dimensions category.  The picture was one I took in Buckskin Gulch near the AZ and UT border a couple years ago.  I was hiking with a good friend and scientist Quentin (featured in the photograph).  Just thought I would share it!

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch – Copyright Joseph Drake – 2013

Thanks! Hope you like it!


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